Resources and Information

If our site has interested you in finding out more about community patrols and how you can join one or start your own, we detail different places you can go to for even more information here.

Local Police Departments

As community patrols are generally interested in keeping their neighbourhoods safe and monitoring the area for crime and anti-social behaviour, the local police department can be a great place to go for extra information. Police departments often work with community patrol groups to get leads on crimes that have taken place in the area and to assist them in keeping their community safe. Your local police department should be able to give information on any patrol groups already active in your area, or if none are already running, then they may be able to assist you in setting one up. In addition, the police should be able to provide you with the information needed to join or start a community patrol. Finally, they may assist with essential equipment required to get things going and keep patrollers safe.

Community Centre and Library

Your local community centre and libraries in the area will likely hold some information on the community patrols and further resources. Visit these places if you’re looking for additional information.