How to become a Patroller

Many of us would indeed like to take a more active role within our communities and help create a safer and more enjoyable environment where we can all happily live. However, it’s not always clear exactly how we can do this. So here’s some advice on how you could become a community patroller in your neighbourhood and build some lifelong friendships too.

Join an Existing Group

A community patrol group (possibly called Neighbourhood Watch) may already be active in your local area. It’s usually easy to identify an area with a community patrol by posters on lamp posts, and there may be stickers in people’s windows too. If a local group already exists close to you, reach out to your neighbours who may help you get involved. Contact your local community centre or even the police department if you’re unsure who’s in the group and who runs it. They should be able to point you in the right direction.

Creating a Community Group From Scratch

Suppose a community patrol scheme isn’t already established in your area. In that case, you could consider starting one yourself and getting the rest of your neighbours involved. Government websites provide information on establishing these community groups, including how to generally create a safer neighbourhood ┬áthat all can feel comfortable in.

Whether joining an existing community patrol group or creating a scheme yourself, you’ll be doing a great thing to help keep your neighbourhood a safe place to be. You’ll likely forge some new connections with your neighbours too, which will make for a happier and more community-spirited atmosphere in your street. Keep yourself safe as a patroller, and always stick to any laws and rules around how you conduct yourself while patrolling.