Community Activity Ideas

Community patrol groups, commonly referred to as Neighbourhood Watch, aren’t always focused only on keeping the community safe. Some local groups will take the initiative to fundraise for good causes in the community and organise activities for people in the neighbourhood to participate in and have fun. Here are some ideas for community activities that your patrol group could organise.

Charity Fun Day

Providing fun games and activities for your neighbours is great, but raising money for charity at the same time makes it even better. For example, you could organise a fun day for the community, perhaps at the community centre or in a local park, with different games and activities for both children and adults. Such events are a great way of building community cohesion, which can lower crime and vandalism rates, and you could use it to raise money for a local cause through stalls and donation buckets.

Online Casinos

Online casinos are one way of having some fun and potentially winning money. Many areas regulate and restrict gambling, such as bingo and lotteries, with licences required to operate games of chance. Suppose you’re considering hosting a community bingo session or holding a lottery. In that case, you could choose to do this through an online casino such as Duelz mobile – which will make getting together to play a fun game easier and keep things within regulatory requirements.

Street Parties

Street parties often occur in communities during special national occasions. However, you don’t need to have a reason like this to host one. Instead, consider applying to your local authority to host a party in your street so that neighbours can get together and have some fun. Spending time together would create an excellent opportunity to brainstorm ideas on keeping the community happy and safe in the future.