Community Activity Ideas

Community patrol groups, commonly referred to as Neighbourhood Watch, aren’t always focused only on keeping the community safe. Some local groups will take the initiative to fundraise for good causes in the community and organise activities for people in the neighbourhood to participate in and have fun. Here are some ideas for community activities that … Read more

The importance and role of community patrols

Community patrol groups are frequently being established in communities worldwide to keep neighbourhoods safe and promote community cohesion. But what exactly do these groups do? Here we’ll go through some of the different tasks that community patrol schemes carry out. Patrols Usually, the most visible part of any community patrol group is people from the … Read more

How to become a Patroller

Many of us would indeed like to take a more active role within our communities and help create a safer and more enjoyable environment where we can all happily live. However, it’s not always clear exactly how we can do this. So here’s some advice on how you could become a community patroller in your … Read more